A book about “The Long, Fast and Clever Throw-in”.

Thomas Gronnemark is currently writing on a book about “The Long, Fast and Clever Throw-in”.

It´s a book for football coaches who want to win their matches with a throw-in. In the book, you are learning:

  • How you teach the players to throw longer, so you either have a set piece weapon or can increase the players throw-in area (gives more opportunities to throw to a teammate).
  • The best tactics around the “Long throw-in.”
  • How you use Thomas Gronnemark’s simple throw-in tools to get possession and score goals in the three zones all over the pitch. The same tools that made Liverpool FC go from 18th in Premier League on throw-in possession under pressure (45,4%) to 1st (68,4%)… and also score 13 goals after throw-in situations in the 19/20 season!
  • How the players take the ball when the opponents have a throw-in. It´s the easiest way to get the ball from the other team in a football match!
  • How you use throw-in drills in your daily football training, so the players are learning the best principles step by step.
  • How you teach kids and youth players to make better throw-ins by creating age-relevant throw-in drills.
  • How you use throw-in video analysis to be a better football coach and to get better players (who understand the vital throw-in principles).
  • … and much more from my throw-in treasure chest.

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