The Long, Fast, and Clever Throw-in

Thomas Gronnemark speaks about this subject in a 30-60 min talk, a two-hour workshop, or a full-day course.

Depending on the audience, Thomas will cover some of the following content:

  • How you keep control and possession when you have a throw-in under pressure.
  • How you take the ball and put pressure on the opponents when they have a throw-in.
  • How the players can create chances and goals after the throw-ins. All over the pitch.
  • How he uses three zones on the pitch, 40 different throw-in tools, and individual assignments for every player on the pitch. The secrets he also uses in clubs like Liverpool FC, Ajax, and Gent.
  • How you set up step by step drills for the coaches and players, so they achieve a high level of throw-in intelligence and can win a match with a throw-in.
  • How you use throw-in analysis to improve the teams’ results – from a coach and player perspective.
  • … and much more throw-in related stuff.

IMPORTANT: The talks, workshops, and full-day coursed are paused at the moment, because of Thomas´ tight schedule with the professional clubs.

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