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Changed the way many people see football throw-ins

Thomas Gronnemark has changed the way many people see football throw-ins, but still, there are a few doubters out there. Here is why they should be believers instead!

Some think that throw-ins are marginal gains, but there are generally between 40 and 60 throw-ins in a match. Most teams have possession in under 50% of the occasions when they have a throw-in under pressure – where the players are marked. If professional players had the same percentage with their feet in the middle of the pitch, they would play Sunday League football!

When Thomas is coaching in the clubs, he´s working with his philosophy called “The Long, Fast and Clever Throw-in.” The advantages for the coaches, players, and clubs when they use his throw-in tools are:

  • They will get reduced loss of possession in throw-in situations.
  • They will get more possession and control at throw-ins under pressure.
  • They will create more chances and score more goals after throw-in situations.

Liverpool FC went from number 18 in the Premier League at throw-ins under pressure (45,4 % possession) to number 1 (68,4% possession). They also scored 13 goals after throw-in situations in the 2019/20 season.

The Long, Fast and Clever Throw-ins – The focus and coaching

The long throw-in
Thomas Gronnemark helps the players to improve their throw-in technique so that they can throw more efficiently. He´s working with video analysis and 30 different technical aspects. Most players improve 5-10 meters – some up to 15 meters.

When a team has one or several players with a long throw-in, it can use it as a set piece weapon.
The long throw-in improvement is significant for every team. For the teams who are not doing long throw-ins toward the opponent’s goal, it´s just as important – like Liverpool FC and Ajax. If the fullback can throw longer, they will also have a greater throw-in area. The bigger the throw-in area, the more options they have to throw to a teammate.

The fast throw-in
Thomas helps the players learn the art of marking fast and throwing fast when there is a throw-in situation. Sometimes it´s good to throw quickly. Sometimes it´s the worst thing you can do because you are throwing into a pressure zone.

With different “Fast throw-in drills,” He´s learning the players when to throw fast, and when to have patience. Sometimes the best option is after 1 ½ second, and sometimes after 12 seconds. The fast throw-in can lead to a chance or goal combined with the principles from “The clever throw-in,” or be useful as a counter attack.

The clever throw-in
Gronnemark teaches the players how to create space all around the pitch with the clever throw-in. He´s working with three zones on the football pitch and 40 different throw-in tools. The players are learning the various tools by doing easily understandable step by step drills. Thomas is not only working with fullbacks but the whole team. All the players must know the throw-in tools. Space creating is TEAM work.

The players can also use their creativity together with the throw-in tools, so it´s tough for the opponents to mark the team. This flexibility in the throw-in solutions gives more possession, chances, and goals.

The different kind of agreements

Thomas Gronnemark has three different kinds of agreements with the clubs.

Inspirational visit:
Thomas makes a 2-day visit to the club with an intro to “The Long, Fast and Clever Throw-in” philosophy.

“3 visits” contract:
He´s visiting the club three times with 2-3 training days. Here the club gets more value, and it´s easier to integrate “The Long, Fast and Clever Throw-in” in the team. Here he´s also usually analyzing some matches before each visit and give a throw-in talk/analysis for the coaches and players.

Full season contract
A full season contract consists of 6-7 visits with 2-3 training days. This type of contract gives the most value. In this contract, Thomas is analyzing every match, and provide a weekly throw-in analysis to the manager and coaches. Thomas has made full season contracts with Liverpool FC and Ajax.

Structure of the throw-in coaching

When Thomas is coaching, he always fit the training to the individual clubs different playing style. Some clubs are playing possession-based, some more physical, and others pressure- and counter attack based. They all need to focus on special throw-in tools.

The throw-in coaching integrates into regular training. Gronnemark is coaching all year, and on a typical week, he will often be working with the players for 2 or 3 training days. The throw-in coaching will typically take 30-60 minutes pr. session in the start phase, and 20-40 min in the following period.

Sometimes the training is only with the fullback group, but mostly the drills are made with more players. Either in groups of 6, 8, 10, or perhaps a bigger group. It could also be a 11vs11 game with a focus on throw-ins in the three different zones. Thomas always coordinates the throw-in coaching with the staff – both the coaches and the physical team.

The training varies from time to time, and consists of straightforward low-intensity drills, more complex exercises, and match like throw-in sessions. Again, all coordinated with the club’s staff.

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