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“What kind of throw-in drills do you do on the pitch”?

A question people ask Thomas Gronnemark every day!

Yes, doing drills is essential regarding the development of the players’ throw-in skills. The online courses give you an ability to teach the players the throw-in principles. You can take the video drills directly and use them in your training.

The online courses will cover the following areas:

  • How to set up the most basic throw-in drills that the players have to master before they can reach the TOP throw-in level.
  • How to make the more complex throw-in drills in smaller or larger groups, so the players can learn to make the right throw-in movements.
  • How to make match specific drills, so the players can transfer their throw-in training skills to successful throw-ins in the game.
  • How to use video analysis to find the biggest throw-in challenges from your team, and how to turn your throw-ins from week points to weapons.
  • … and much more throw-in related stuff.

Thomas Gronnemark releases the online courses at approximately the same time as his throw-in book about “The Long, Fast and Clever Throw-in.”

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